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Paul wins sunflower competition!

22 September 2014

Over twenty of Daybreak's service users from our Minsteracres Centre, have been working towards a sunflower competition. They each planted a sunflower seed at the end of April, then as it grew they transplanted the flower until it was big enough to go outside in the garden. The service users tended their flowers and staked them to help them grow. They all said they really enjoyed growing their sunflowers.

Life Skills Instructor, Trevor, said "The service users have gained knowledge of how long it takes for something to grow from a seed, and the different stages they had to help the flowers along."

The winning sunflower was grown by Paul Kitching whose flower grew to over six feet two inches. Well done Paul!

Service user, Paul, wins sunflower competition at Daybreak, Minsteracres!
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Service users help refurbish the bait cabin at Minsteracres

19 September 2014

Service users have begun carrying out the refurbishment of Bait Room at Daybreak, Minsteracres. Following a leak from the roof, the ceiling has become stained and in danger of collapsing. Therefore, a new ceiling is required. This refurbishment will be an ongoing project.

Service users help refurbish the bait cabin at Minsteracres

Service users, supported by Life Skills Instructors, started by removing the old ceiling. All the old damp plaster boards were taken down and bagged to be taken away.

So far, the work is going well. We are now waiting for the builders, Nicholson Construction, to come and put up the new ceiling. Staff and Service Users will be assisting with this.

Service users help refurbish the bait cabin at Minsteracres

Service user, Andrew Wayman, said “It is a very dusty job – that’s why we had to wear dust masks, overalls and gloves”.

Service users help refurbish the bait cabin at Minsteracres

Life skills instructor, Ray, said, "It’s a very good start. Everyone worked very well, following the health and safety rules."

We look forward to seeing progress on the Bait Room. Thank you and well done to all service users and staff involved in this project. Many thanks also to Nicholson Construction.

Service users help refurbish the bait cabin at Minsteracres
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A letter from our Newcastle Centre Manager about our big move!

18 September 2014

Daybreak is on the move

Daybreak has a wonderful development opportunity ahead and is planning to move approximately 3 miles west from its existing premises at Arch Three Stepney Bank, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne to Montagu Centre Houghton Avenue Cowgate Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 3HY.

The move to the Montagu Centre will allow us to continue to develop within our existing social, leisure, and learning programmes.

With the focus of our Performing Arts the facilities will include a drama/dance/keep fit room which will also adapt for other uses for Daybreak and community use. We aim to refurbish the property to provide superior, extended facilities and support for existing and new service users.

Our community café will provide wholesome healthy meals for the people we work with, staff, visitors and the local community.

A public reception area where interested service users will be trained in all aspects of hospitality and reception duties as well as a dedicated IT suite for our reporting group’s use.

A letter from our Newcastle Centre Manager about our big move!

Network House continues to be the main administration office for Daybreak, and is one of Daybreak’s three centres, Hexham, Minsteracres and the The Montegu Centre, Newcastle, all of which offer a menu of services as indicated below:

• Work Based Learning – bakery, community cafes, horticulture, retail, reception and administration.
• Leisure Activities – swimming, keep-fit, gardening, art/craft, music, dance, sports, horse-riding, IT Skills, photography, video/media skills, including production of service user magazine
• Life Skills –cooking, re-cycling, local community activities.
• Independent Living Skills - budgeting/money skills, healthy eating, personal hygiene and sexual health.
• Supported Employment & Volunteer Opportunities
• Transport and Café Facilities

This is a very exciting time for us; staff and services users are equally excited and looking forward to the move and new opportunities.

We are planning a grand opening day on completion of refurbishments. All service users, staff, families, carers, care managers and friends will be invited to join us to celebrate this acquisition and the new developments for our organisation and all that utilise it.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely,
Christine Martin,
Centre Manager

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