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Visit to the Tyneside Cinema

27 April 2015

On Thursday 16th April, two groups from our Montagu Hub enjoyed a visit to the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

They went to see a special film festival of movies made by people with learning disabilities, as part of the ‘Oska Bright Film Festival’ tour. Service users viewed around sixteen short films, including animation and comedy. There were some very funny films and a couple of them had some people we recognised.

Greg, Dan, Alison, James, Raju, Steven L, Sarah, Robert T, Yvonne, John, Kevin W, Emma J, Rachel W, Stephen P, Kevin M, and Hayley took part in this visit, and were supported by Life Skills Instructors Simon and Lorna.

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Greg said, “I enjoyed watching the films. I liked watching the bit when a man and woman jumped off the boat. I also liked the film about the vase and the tennis balls. It made me laugh!”

John agreed, saying, “It was a good laugh and very enjoyable. I liked the film about the girl sleeping on the bench, a bit like Sleeping Beauty. I would like Daybreak to make some films. It was a nice trip out.”

Daybreak are hoping to make our own film for the next festival.

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Learning about the Safe Places Scheme in Newcastle

24 April 2015

Our people at Daybreak’s Montagu hub have been learning about Safe Places at a workshop by Better-days. This was organised by Life Skills Instructor, Lorna, to refresh users’ knowledge since the last workshop.

Learning about the Safe Places Scheme in Newcastle

‘Safe places’ in Newcastle are shops, pubs, cafes, etc which display the ‘Safe Places’ sticker in the window. At these places, people with learning disabilities can access help if they are lost, upset, or have lost something important such as their wallet, for example.

There are also blue cards which people with learning disabilities can carry, and hand to a member of staff at a Safe Place. The staff can then find the contact details on the card to let a parent/carer know about the situation. They may contact the police if they feel they need to.

Learning about the Safe Places Scheme in Newcastle

Better-days explained about the ‘Safe Places’ scheme, users took part in a role play, and there was a Powerpoint presentation about hate crime.

Daybreak would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Better-days for delivering this very useful workshop. For more information about ‘Safe Places’, visit

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Meet Oscar, Community Development Worker for our Montagu Hub

20 April 2015

Some of our people interviewed Oscar, to find out more about his plans for the Montagu Hub.

- What was your last job?
I started an organisation called “Community Hubs Network” working with freelance professionals to deliver community development projects.

- Are you from the North East?
A Originally I am from Jamaica in the West Indies. I was brought up in West London and moved to Newcastle from South East London after working using arts and culture in community development for about twenty years.

Meet Oscar, Community Development Worker for our Montagu Hub

- What do you do for Daybreak?
The most important thing about my job is that the people who in Cowgate have a place that they can call their own “Community Centre”. It is to be a place where people can do hobbies, learn new things, get out of their homes and make friends. When Daybreak is using the building it is called “The Montagu Centre” but when you go home, local people will know it as “The Cowgate People Centre” – because it is for the people of Cowgate. It will be a place for celebrations and events as well as courses and where local people can get services that help them. I will bring people into the centre who can lead regular things like theatre groups and art classes so that lots of different activities are happening here. I help the different organisations based at the Centre to work together to help the people who live in Cowgate.

- How will you develop the community?
A I will listen to people, read what they have said before and find out what they would like us to do with them and for them. Anyone who comes to Cowgate can see that it is quite a nice place, but a lot of people think it is a rough and even dangerous place to be! I want to help the people who live here to have real pride in their estate.

- What are your plans for the Montagu Centre?
A I have plans for the inside and outside of the building. I’d like to develop the garden area. We have bees there in hives and I’d like to be able to see groups learn more about them and to bottle and sell honey and other products from them. We are going to buy different hives, including a new design which will let us watch the bees in a safe and interesting way. I’d like to see as much of the land outside the building as possible used as a space for learning different things about nature and the environment.

We are going to be planting seeds and grow our own vegetables and flowers. I want to start ‘The Cowgate Gardeners’ to organise different groups to find out about growing things for beauty and to eat! Daybreak and the Nursery, Surestart, and YMCA will be given their own flower and vegetable beds. Let’s see who can create the best!

It would be good to eventually get solar panels for the roof of the centre and we will look at other ways of creating electricity from nature. This will help us to save money and to teach people about the environment.

I would like to be able to invite local people into the building in the evening and see the facilities used. Maybe we could also invite people in for lunches in the future. We could sell things that we grow here at Cowgate and things made in the bakery at our Acomb centre.

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