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Learning about men's health with cloth doll, Jack

27 February 2015

Service users at our Minsteracres Centre are taking part in a 10 week ‘Jack’ course, delivered by ‘Them Wifies’, a community arts organisation. ’Jack’ is an anatomically correct cloth doll. He is a unique learning resource for men with learning disabilities, has amazing features, and is the focus of a range of workshops exploring health, sexual health and wellbeing. These sessions provide a safe space to talk about important issues.

Service users included: Dean, Adam, Andrew, David G, David H, Ben S, John N, and Nigel. Life Skills Instructor, Ray, supported service users, and the sessions were led by ‘Them Wifies’ Tutors, Simon, Tom and Richard.

Learning about men's health with cloth doll, Jack, Them Wifies, Daybreak, learning disability charity

The following is quoted from the people we support: “Jack is a life sized stuffed puppet that comes to Minsteracres with Simon, Tom and Richard every Wednesday morning. He helps us learn how to keep clean and look after ourselves.

Last week Jack was rude and cheeky because he had been out drinking the night before. He was so drunk that his Mam had to go and collect him from the pub. This taught us not to drink too much as it can make you feel sick, and if you do drink too much and feel sick you should open the car window.

Jack has also taught us how to check our bodies to make sure we have no diseases or illness. We had to give Jack a wash and put clean clothes on him. We talked about diets and how to eat healthy food. We also talked about good food and bad food.”

Service user, Dean, said, “This is a worthwhile course and we are learning a lot from it.”

Minsteracres Centre Mangager, Cath Colborn, said, “It’s great to see the people we support being engaged in a topic that is very important to their health and wellbeing.” We look forward to working with ‘Them Wifies’ in the future.

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Service users cater for Daybreak's Strategy Day

30 January 2015

Service users from Daybreak's Headquarters at Acomb, provided a buffet lunch for all of the service users, staff, and the Board of Trustees at the Daybreak Strategy meeting.

The Friday Café Group (Emma, Stuart, James, Steven and Larry), were supported by Life Skills Instructor, Erica. The Bakery Groups also made food for the lunch, such as quiches and cakes. The Ladies Group (Emma Stewart, James Steven Larry) also helped by shopping the day before, and preparing sandwich fillings.

Service users cater for Daybreak's Strategy Day

Emma (pictured left) said "It made me feel good when we put all the food we had made out". Emma added "I liked doing it. It was a little bit hard, but it was fun."

When asked about the food, Jill, Daybreak's Secretary, said "It was absolutely fabulous! Really, really lovely".

Service users cater for Daybreak's Strategy Day

Life skills Instructor, Erica, said; "The Café Group worked hard to heat-up quiches, pizzas, and other nibbles. Also there were salads and cakes to make up. It was a delicious lunchtime buffet for managers, directors, staff and service users".

Service users cater for Daybreak's Strategy DayService users cater for Daybreak's Strategy DayService users cater for Daybreak's Strategy Day
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Local Warrant Officer raises money for Daybreak

26 January 2015

Daybreak would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to local Warrant Officer, Andrea Pearson, who has raised a grand total of £457 for our charity.

The funds will be put towards safe flooring for the polytunnels.

Service user, Kerry, said, “It was very kind, I can’t thank her enough. It will help to improve the polytunnels”

Local Warrant Officer raises money for Daybreak, learning disability, charity, fundraise

Andrea raised funds by running marathons for Daybreak. Her partner’s brother, David, comes to Daybreak, and after seeing how he has been supported and encouraged here, she was motivated to help us.

Centre Manager, Angela Stockill, said, “We were absolutely thrilled when Andrea said she would fundraise for us, and the amount she has raised will be a great help to our activities. A huge thanks from all at Acomb.’

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